Polyethylene Terephthalate & PET Preform Sales
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About Us

QPET is a family owned enterprise and has been in operation since 1996. QPET is a PET manufacturing company specialising in the production and supply of preforms  PET bottles, jars and closures. The countrywide QPET offices and plants are situated in Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Modern state of the art production equipment and processes are implemented in the manufacturing and supply process of preforms PET bottles, jars and closures. QPET manufactures possibly the largest range of preforms in South Africa,

Currently QPET supplies products and services to the edible oil, chemical,Jars, water, CSD (carbonated soft drink) and food industries in South Africa. They are also a major supplier of pre-forms to various two stage operations locally & internationally.

QPET has also embarked on a programme whereby certain customers are encouraged to return post-consumer PET bottles ,which are then granulated and ground and the material mixed with virgin PET , then used in certain non-food grade applications.

About QPET the PET & Preform Manufacturer


Priding ourselves in quality and efficiency we constantly strive to maintain ourselves as a high volume & low cost PET manufacturing company.

To constantly maintain our position as a leader in the manufacture & supply of PET products to the edible oil markets.

Through innovation, price and efficiency we strive to reach new markets & milestones. Our mission is to strengthen our position in markets such as bottled water, CSD (carbonated soft drinks), chemical and  food markets.

With constant focus on cost control QPET enables low cost, efficient manufacturing of PET products which in turn places us in an excellent position in our expansion into a variety of markets such as pre-form supplies & blow moulding operations throughout Africa.